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How did we get here (USA)…..?

If you're in the F1 Akaushi producing business you're asking yourself this over the past couple months.

The answer is a centralized system that ultimately resulted in one prominent buyer. Good and robust markets are built/dependent upon competitive bidding. This was the case ~18-24 months ago. There could be unchartered waters ahead which call for more conservative approaches and seeking opportunities elsewhere. It’s easy to forget how many Akaushi bulls are out covering cows.....there are thousands currently active in the US. Regional packers and localized business activities offer a more decentralized and sustainable approach.

In the breeding and seedstock sector continued promise has been seen in more reputable marketings. Poorly marketed genetics have seen lackluster prices, as expected.

At the end of the day, Akaushi producers NEED a 100%  member-owned breeder society that is ran by a board of directors (& non profit). This is our best chance to represent the best interest of all breeders who make up the membership.

Currently, we seem to be reactive or in idle mode rather than activating forward thinking. Pay attention and you will see Australian Wagyu beef POURING into the US (and other parts of the world) at higher rates which suppresses prices of our locally produced Wagyu beef. China has recently lifted bans on four Australian abattoirs which might ease product flow into the US. It darn sure wouldn't hurt to have a unified US Wagyu beef marketing group that represents local raised US Wagyu beef. By the way, the Australian Wagyu Association is opening a local office in the US to facilitate greater member services and inclusion of American Wagyu herds into their database/association. The associations overseas are not like the ones in the US where there is zero government involvement. In many countries, the breed association offices are all located in the same building.

Proverbs 27:17


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